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Barrel racing with my Doodlebug :)

This is my favorite thing to do during the summer. My horse is 23 (will be 24 Feb. 1!!), I rescued him from a lady who was sort of neglecting him. He was pretty much skin and bones when I got him… Guess it sounds like he did cart racing when he was young, he is a registered appaloosa and even has the tattoo on the inside of his lip to prove it! He’s a sweetheart, the love of my life :P His VERY favorite snack in the world is bagels. He loves going on car rides (in the trailer of course lol) and he loves having time away from sister (Gypsy… photos to come) with buddy Sunshine from our barn at shows. Great times :) I love this pony, I trained him on barrels pretty much by myself with some help from the awesome old guy who owns our barn.

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